Unspoken words

Sometimes a‪ #‎photo‬speaks more than than the‪ #‎words‬…. I neither bother about ‪#‎dirty‬politics nor about this ‪#‎creepy‬world.. The thing threaten me is just our‪ #‎future‬…..our ‪#‎young_generation‬.


Ishq wala Love

Little girl, little boy
If love has a way
Fill their fields with laughter
And scatter the sun on their day
And if it should happen to rain
Make their raindrops kisses
Straight from heaven above
That touch their hands and faces
And that fill them with love
And make the moon reflect their smiles
And their stars plenty
And, above all, keep them together
And hold them as you may
Forever and ever
Until their last day.

Way to heaven...!!

Way to Heaven…!!

“Some beautiful paths can’t be discovered without getting lost.”

These words of “Erol Ozan” looks too good when we feel alone…no one would be there with us…no one to show the path to the peace…that’s the time when we discovered new paths in our life.

Truly said, it is the Golden time of our Life span. Because during the whole life, a human being just try to lay down the other person, he never looks at himself. In all these activities, he lost himself..he lost his own identity even if there is no one with him, he used to curse others for his situation ‘coz he was too busy to find deterioration.

Finding Happiness

Finding Happiness

Finding Happiness….a  small try to make the world happy.

In Today’s hectic life style, the true happiness is missing somewhere. We stay in that society where we have to live with the thoughts of others. I thought that’s the biggest fault of a personality.

In my view, no one can be more happy compare to a small child.

3 Truths About Love That Will Never Change

Damn True #Avery

In our 20s most of us are hypocrites (and even assholes) at some point when it comes to love and relationships. We will tell anyone what not to do, and then turn around and do just that. Why? Because we are young, inexperienced, selfish, and love is unpredictable. Moreover, people are flawed and sometimes make mistakes especially with matters of the heart. At this time most of us don’t even know ourselves let alone what we really want and need from others.

However, even with that being said there are 3 truths about love I have learned that will never change:4900528504_0c59db8b24_o

  1. You must love yourself before you can truly love another.

As cliche as it may sound it’s the truth. It goes  along the same lines as, how can you expect others to respect you, if you don’t respect yourself? I mean, if you want to get technical, you can still love another…

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